Friday, April 3, 2009

Front winch bumper

Another project that I have been working on are the bumpers, I wanted to install a winch on the front bumper and for the rear bumper I needed a spare tire carrier, the 17" tire does not fit under the front where the original spare was.

I have used 2" pipe, elbows and caps for it.

There is a receiver hitch on the front bumper as well as the rear bumper, when I put the boat in the water, the muffler and lower part of the engine always ended up submerged and I was worried that it would stall, it is also a lot easier.

For the spare tire I made an arm that fits in between the two tubes and swings out of the way when I have to open the rear hatch.

Once finished, I'll paint both of them black with spay-on bed liner.

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CanadianKraut said...

Hi Herman,

Great bumpers, almost the same idea as I have had for mine but yours have the perfect spare tire carrier. I will be in Revelstoke from May 27th till the 29th. Would it be possible to meet? I have a '87 Syncro and many same or similar ideas as you do. Please email me at