Friday, April 3, 2009

Front winch bumper

Another project that I have been working on are the bumpers, I wanted to install a winch on the front bumper and for the rear bumper I needed a spare tire carrier, the 17" tire does not fit under the front where the original spare was.

I have used 2" pipe, elbows and caps for it.

There is a receiver hitch on the front bumper as well as the rear bumper, when I put the boat in the water, the muffler and lower part of the engine always ended up submerged and I was worried that it would stall, it is also a lot easier.

For the spare tire I made an arm that fits in between the two tubes and swings out of the way when I have to open the rear hatch.

Once finished, I'll paint both of them black with spay-on bed liner.

Auxiliary Heater

I have an Eberspacher BN2 auxiliary heater that ran on gasoline that I would like to use in the diesel Syncro, it came out of portable tool kit.

It is really hard to find glow plugs for these units, mine was broken, so I looked on Ebay and found one that I thought I could convert. It is a 12 volt unit compared to the 4 volt original one but in order to make it work I had to install a relais that supplies 12 volt to it.
The relais is triggered by the wire from the original glow plug.

I took the whole heater apart and lubricated the bearings, cleaned the points and checked the combustion chamber.

On the picture it shows it running, I adjusted the fuel pump for the right mixture and ran it all day, also to see if it stopped and started correctly on diesel fuel.
Runs great, I will just use a timer on it, no thermostat.