Friday, August 15, 2008

Hydrogen generator

As I need to have a few projects going at the same time I have been experimenting with a hydrogen generator.
It consists out of a set of stainless steel plates that are submerged in distilled water with some potassium hydrochloride (KOH) mixed in the water to get the current flowing. Connected to a 12 volt battery it starts to generate Hydrogen gas which then flows into the engines intake.
This will improve the combustion process and save fuel( look on Youtube under HHO generation)or so the story goes.
I have made a few different models but am in the process of testing them to see if indeed it will improve the mileage.


tinker said...

What sort of results have you had from the HHO units? I see you have gone on to further designs.

Herman said...

Hi, I have this unit ready to be tested, but my priority is to get the van on the road first, I am doing all the body work right now and building bumpers.
Once the engine has a few thousand miles on it, I will test it out.

I have it in a temporary box right now, but if it does work and improve my mileage, I will install it in a different enclosure that will fit in my spare tire on the back of the van and will have a cooler on it as well.
It gets quite warm when it is on.
If it doesn't improve my mileage, at least I didn't waste too much time on it and it will end up on my pile of junk.

Although it runs a small welding torch, I may use it for welding.

I will post the final results.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I see many people building their own hydrogen generators to save money on gas bills. Seems like the trend is gonna rise soon and most of us would be running our cars on water.

Bernie said...

Any results yet?


Herman said...

Hi Bernie, I have the unit installed on the luggage rack just to check it out and got only one run of about 500 Km on it, it looks like I got about a 10% fuel saving out of it.
I seems to run a little smoother, I have ordered a Pulse Width Modulator so that I can regulate the amps a bit and run a slightly stronger solution so that it will produce more.

I'll work on it during the winter and try again in the spring.

Cheers Herman

The van is stored now for the winter so I will test some more in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herman,

Let me start off by saying..Fantastic Job. I am very impressed by your project. It seems as if you complied with Form Function and Beauty.

I've got an 87 Vanagon Syncro and I'm very interested in experimenting with HHO. Unfortunately, people on the forums just roll their eyes, stating it doesn't work. Then when I research the possibilities with a Google search, I find nothing except what seems to be a sales gimmick.

A few questions:

1. Where did you go to research building a HHO generator?

2. Do you find it to be effective? If so, for the cost, have you seen a savings in fuel?

3. Do you believe your system is safe?

I really appreciate any information you can help me with and again, very nice rig!


Unknown said...

I ran an 'on demand' HHO system in my Syncro. Without question, my mileage went way up. Before HHO, I was getting @275mi/tank. Top mileage after, was 512mi (and I think I could have gotten more, I just didn't want to risk running out of gas.)
I eventually took it off, because we were on the road and starting to blow the inline fuse between battery and HHO. Haven't gotten back to it since... but it does work. Just give yourself some miles to clean out your motor. Better mileage is relative to the cleaning that is taking place in your motor from the HHO.

Anonymous said...

Did you use a kit? I'm looking into getting a kit for my vanagon. Any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

hi, are you using frequency-controlled ac over the top of the dc current in the hho unit? apparently there was a guy who used to race speedboats who discovered by accident (wiring fault) that this massively increases hydrogen production from the unit to the point of almost achieving over-unity results. according to the site i got the info from the powers-that-be weren't too happy and he had some mysterious medical problems befall him, from which he is now recovering and continuing his work... worth a look!