Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New paint job

I just got the Syncro back from the body shop, I had done all the body work but I did not want to paint the van myself,I don't have a paint boot and I am sure that they do a better job than I can at home.
So now I am putting everything back in, new window seals, door rubbers, SA grille, bigger electric mirrors, front carpets, bigger fridge, new three window pop-up tent, solar panel etc.
I have converted the taillights and front turn signal lights to LED's and got some Bi Xenon HID lights for the front.
Painting the bumpers and installing the winch is next on the list.


ragnarhairybreeks said...

bigger electric mirrors? what kind?

Herman said...

Hi,I originally had the stock mirrors on the van, the optional electric mirrors are bigger than the stock ones.
They came from a 1991 Vanagon Carat.


ragnarhairybreeks said...

oh, i see. i thought maybe you had modified some other mirrors to fit.
btw, have you had much experience with webasto bb46w heaters? i have one in my "new" 86 syncro, its been disconnected, and i am looking over the schematics etc.

looks like a bag of hurt :)


Anonymous said...

very cool

Any input you have on this is greatly appreciated.

How interchangeable are the bodies between T3's?

I will do my own research and i know anything is possible with money and tools and time, but I am wondering how directly swapable bodies are.


I have

84 Vanagon GL, 1.9 l gas, 4spd manual, well maintained daily driver, factory interior carpet kit, curtains kit. rear couch, dash trim, all in great shape, normal driveable van. No WESTfallia camping package.

87 Vanagon GL 2.1 l gas Syncro 5spd manual, good mechanical condition throughout, frame is good, body is rusting. normal driveable syncro. No westfalia camping package.

They are stored at the moment and i havent a chance to look closely at them myself or i wouldnt be asking.

I have experience in this level of removal and swap, I am just trying to save some time by asking experts if these two bodies are completely interchangeable?
Yes there is a lot of work in the Dash boards and connecting air ducs I imagine, but...

Any direction, Greatly appreciated.


Herman said...

Hey Alistair, I have not worked on this one, It sure looks like a bag of hurt alright. If something failed in the electronic controller it is going to get real hard to fix.

Herman said...

Hey Joe, you could use the 1984 body to swap all your Syncro parts onto but it is quite a bit of work.

Here is a link: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=349105&highlight=conversion+syncro

I would probably fix up your Syncro with some new panels etc.

Cheers Herman

ragnarhairybreeks said...


I've been throwing some of my vanagon tech files up on wordpressblog. Maybe some of them are useful to you (warning, many in German).


Greg said...

Hi! I'm working on converting my Syncro to a pop top. I've looked all through your blog and photo album, and I'd love to talk to you about exactly where to cut the roof. Hope to hear from you! You can send me an email at gregoire_blachon@yahoo.fr.

Cory said...

What color paint is that? Sometimes it looks like Wolfram Gray Metallic, but sometimes much more silvery. Care to share the paint code?

Herman said...

Hi Cory, it is a medium charcoal poly, WT2864 Deltron.

It is a Ford Mustang color.

Cheers Herman