Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost done!

The van is almost together, the Westy interior is installed, exept for the fridge. The front seats, with seat heaters, are back in, new carpets in front, lino tiles in the back, radio installed, all windows have new rubber seals as well as all the doors. Rear windows are tinted, central locking, alarm installation, LED taillights and front turn signal lights. I am waiting for the new Yokohama Geolandar tires and the tire pressure monitoring system to come in that I will install at the same time. Still working on the front roof luggage rack that has the heat exchanger in it for the intercooler. Had the van outside today to let the engine warm up, watch the video.


VWinA said...

This video hasen't been working for me. I'd love to see it!

Herman said...

Hi, I just tried the video and it is working, maybe your settings are not correct?

Cheers Herman

VWinA said...

Thanks Herman,

I tried both IE and FF and I have the same issue. I updated flash and shockwave but it does'nt change a thing.

I searched blogspot and they recognize a related issue and are "working on it":

Could you possibly upload it on youtube and link it to your blog?

I have two 5 cylinder td engines and was planning to swap one into my white 84 Audi 4kq. I followed your blog closely and am very curious about what your engine results in.

Thanks for everything so far!


VWinA said...

Hi again,

I got it working by clicking on the time the video was added. This brought me to the detail page of the post. From there the video worked; unlike from your main blog page.

Again, great work! Now, I'd love to see how it pulls under boost!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words... well a video is worth a thousand pictures! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks and regards,


Syncrogreg said...

I found a 6 cylinder Turbo diesel from a Volvo 640.

Do you think it will be hard to slide that into the vanagon?

I know 5 Cyl is ok but I was wandering about 6...

Also, do you have the stock radiator/fan for you conversion. I was wandering if people did some improvement for diesel cooling (bigger radiator or better fan...).



Herman said...

Hey Greg, in order to install the 6 cylinder you would have to cut out the back end of the engine compartment and the engine would probably stick out about 5 inches.

The cooling system handles the 5 cylinder just fine, just install a large engine oil cooler.

Cheers Herman

CGS intake said...

Yeah, that's right. Before you set to improve its looks you have to make sure it goes well on its engine first.

Steven Roe said...

Hi Herman, love your van, best I've seen bar none!
Can you tell me about your wheels, what spacers you used for them and stud length ?
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge